Asian SCARY Theater

ASIAN SCARY THEATER, a project of Asian Story Theater, focuses on “chicken skin” storytelling–featuring stories from printed and oral traditions of Asia and various Pacific Islands.

The mission of Asian Story Theater is to celebrate our unique stories and culture, and broaden multicultural awareness and understanding by dramatizing Asian and Pacific Island (API) stories, arts, and themes for family audiences.  ASIAN SCARY THEATER recalls the mid-20th century radio theater, harkening back to a kind of storytelling where the performance is mostly auditory–relying on vocal performances of the cast as well as sound effects and music to convey the story.  

The components of Music, Sound Effects, Narration, and Dialogue feature prominently in this radio style format providing a very personal dimension and intimacy with the audience–where the scene happens primarily in the audience’s own imagination.  Our intention is to perform these radio dramas live, where the audience will be able to see the foley, the performers, and even participate in creating this audio space.  

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