Not Working – Program


Annabelle Ramos – Anqa
Vivien Ariola – Maria, others
Claudette Santiago – Nurse, others
Honey Durruthy – Sugar, others
Patrick Mayuyu – Earvin, others
Christian Clark – Valentín, others

Songs, Composers, Singer/s

  1. 2020 Hindsight
    Music by Dave Scott
    Performed by the company

2. American Dreamer
Music by Annabelle Ramos, Lyrics by Annabelle Ramos & Kent Brisby
Performed by Belle

3. Cuidado
Music & Lyrics by Luis Aragón
Performed by Christian Clark?

4. Monday Morning
Music by Marc Macalintal, Lyrics by Gingerlily Lowe
Performed by Patrick Mayuyu & Belle

5. Smile
Music & Lyrics by AJ Rafael
Performed by Claudette Santiago

6. You’re Essential
Music & Lyrics by Howard Ho
Performed by Patrick Mayuyu

7. Run, Fly
Music & Lyrics by Leonard Patton
Performed by Ronnie Williams

8. Virtual Goodbye
Music & Lyrics by Raya Heart Pearson
Performed by Claudette Santiago

Lyrics by the World
Performed by the company

10. People’s Anthem
Music & Lyrics by Antonio TJ Johnson
Performed by Honey Durruthy & Ronnie Williams?

11. Voxine
Music & Lyrics by Gingerlily Lowe
Performed by the company

12. No Covid
Music by Creative Spés, Lyrics by DaJahn Blevins,
Performed by Honey Durruthy?

13. American Dreamer Reprise
Music & Lyrics by Annabelle Ramos,
Performed by Annabelle Ramos

14. Maria’s in the Fields Today
Music & Lyrics by Luis Aragón
Sung by Vivien Ariola, Christian Clark & the company

15. Live Your Life
Music & Lyrics by Dave Scott
Sung by TBD


Delores Fisher – Keyboards
Rhys Green – Percussion, guitar
Nick Abadilla – Guitars
Carlos Cuevo – Bass
Dwight Love – Guitars


Stage Manager & Technical Director – Suanne Pauley
Video projectionist & camera – Kalí Kamaria
Forums Director – Gingerlily Lowe
Costumes – Cheryl Lindley-Lopez
Choreo Assistant – Patrick Mayuyu
Co-Directors – Rhys Green, Gingerlily Lowe, William Virchis
Written & Produced by Kent Brisby

Thank you

Thelma Virata de Castro, concept for “Virtual Goodbye”
John Highkin of Fern Street Circus, for hospital garb
Jess Barron & Guitars in the Classroom