Those four guys who got lost

In 1969, after decades of volcanic activity, Mauna Ulu erupted on the big island of Hawaii, sending fountains of lava up to 2000 feet high. Just in case, the Hawaii tsunami warning sirens were sounded–which the radio clearly announced as a test. But four guys never got the word. After practicing all night for their first paid job–-the grand opening for the new L&L Drive-in on Dole Street, it’s gone now–they woke to the alarm and panicked!

They threw all their gear into their uncle’s boat, plus leftover crackseed and their TaB soda from the night before, and raced out for deep water–which is better than on the shore if there’s a tsunami–until they ran out of gas.

They drifted for days. They napped. They practiced a little. And because salty seed and li hing mui make you thirsty…they drank ALL their TaB.

They finally washed up on a tiny deserted island–where they lived for the next 50 years. Until last week, when they were discovered and rescued by a documentary film crew researching the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for Al Gore. Our brave quartet are a true musical time capsule, bringing back the sounds and songs from a golden era of Hawaiian music. Now returned to Hawaii and into your hearts, it’s: Those Four Guys Who Got Lost!

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