What Are You?

The complicated game of growing up hapa, multiple-, or mixed-race today. Funny, painful, and true experiences in the interactive game show of modern America, through skits, video, live music, and celebrity impersonations of debatable quality. May 3-4-5 only; Tickets here.

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PIG Talk: Previews

Discover why Year of the Pig deserves respect, in a parody TED TALK that includes live music and a re-imagined version of the classic tale, “Journey to the West.” Real science. Real history. Really. Free public performances at Tet Festival…

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Open audition for the world premiere of WHAT ARE YOU? Co-presented by Asian Story Theater with Teatro Mascara Magica and San Diego Black Ensemble Theatre. WHAT ARE YOU? is the complicated game of growing up hapa-, multiple-, or mixed-race in…

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